Cortida is a specialist information and cyber security consultancy

We help organisations identify, understand, reduce and manage security risks. Through an expert range of Consultancy services, Cortida helps clients reduce the likelihood and impact of data and cyber security incidents, navigate and recover from incidents and also meet security compliance standards and obligations.

The Cortida Approach

Cortida Services

World class cybersecurity consultancy delivered through a comprehensive portfolio of services and by knowledgeable and experienced consultants. Our commitment is to deliver great advice, focus on what’s important to your organisation and ensure quality and value in every engagement.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Consulting services help organisations to identify and remediate information and cybersecurity risk, introduce security best practice and meet and maintain compliance obligations such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, PCI DSS and GDPR.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking testing services help organisations identify vulnerabilities that are potentially exploitable by attackers and then help you understand the root cause, severity and actions required to mitigate the risks.

Prepare, Detect and Respond

Detection and response services that help organisation to monitor network traffic for threats and then respond to incidents in a planned and managed manner.

Education and Training

Available as face to face exercise or computer based training, security awareness training helps business leaders and employees understand the security landscape and key issues relevant to their role. Though these education and training services organisation introduce a security aware culture.

Audit Preparation and Validation

Audit services prepare an organisation for external security assessments and where required provide support during the assessment process, ensuring an organisations security posture is presented in the most accurate and positive manner.

Virtual CISO and DPO

Expert led on or off site support services help organisations progress projects and govern security and privacy without the expense of large internal teams.

Our values

Distinct Approach

We will use knowledge and experience to ensure recommendations are appropriate to risks, mindful of your organisations objectives and are never overblown

Creative Thinking

We will be creative in our thinking and ensure our assessments and recommendations go further than ticking boxes

Commitment to Clients

We will be honest and fair in our dealings and will deliver insights, quality and value in every engagement

Comprehensive Services

Our breadth of services and knowledge will cover many facets of security and privacy making us a perfect trusted advisors